What to Expect

What You’ll Hear

You will be listening to gentle instrumental music. Embedded within the music are nearly inaudible sounds that combined help you get to and stay asleep. Listening to Sleep Genius produces a calm, relaxed, drowsy feeling.

What will be most noticeable when you begin listening are the very low frequency rumbling sounds that move binaurally from side to side between your brain hemispheres. These are the sounds that activate your vestibular system and triggers Sopite syndrome creating the rocking or swaying sensation that helps you start the sleep cycle.

For some this takes a little getting used to since it sounds unfamiliar and may in fact make you want to lay down when you hear it. That is a good sign! Less noticeable are the “pink” noise bands which lower arousal, quieting brain activity. The binaural beats are also subtle, working quietly in the background to entrain the brainwave patterns required to cycle through the sleep stages throughout the night until you awaken feeling rested and refreshed.

How Long Do You Use Sleep Genius?

When you’re ready to sleep, you’ll play the sleep inducing audio programs quietly throughout the night until you awaken after a sound night’s sleep.

While Sleep Genius is immediately effective for some people, it is recommended that you listen for seven nights per week for at least one month before you determine whether or not it is an effective sleep aid for you. This is how long it takes for most people to stop “listening” to the music and nearly inaudible sounds. Once you habituate (become familiar) to the experience, you’ll transition from listening to “hearing” Sleep Genius. It is when you reach this point the auditory program becomes most effective.

The goal is to train your brain until it improves and maintains positive global sleep patterns. Once this occurs, you should be able to discontinue the use of Sleep Genius, only using it on an as needed basis. This will take approximately 3-6 months for most people.

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