TLP Providers in Singapore & Malaysia


Therapy Services Network
Sanjay Kumar, Occupational Therapist

Centre for Singapore Psychology Services
Wilson Chan, Educational Psychologist

Thinkers Box Pte Ltd
Felicia Hoo, Cognitive Specialist (General Development)

Steady Steps Centre
Nikki Tay, Special Education Therapist

Hope Springs Therapy Centre Pte Ltd
Johnson Ponraj, Occupational Therapist

Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)
Arnel Cabreira Alcira, Occupational Therapist
Bryan Vega Saez, Occupational Therapist
Edgardo Acogido, Occupational Therapist
Roberto Estrella, Occupational Therapist
Cherly Repol, Occupational Therapist
Jo Anne Bacalso, Occupational Therapist
Jerome Anto Prakash, Occupational Therapist
Chang Wei Ling, Psychologist Associate

Planet Learning Centre Pte Ltd
Ailin Peh, Occupational Therapist

Metta School
Joy Chiu, Occupational Therapist

St. Clare School for Special Education
Prakalathan Kelaver (aka Prakash), Principal

Changi General Hospital
Jacintha Hee, Occupational Therapist

EEG Asia
Simon Kong

Singapore Learning Mind
Roger See

Brain Waves Educational Kiesiology Consultancy
Sumiati Said
Hadi Chua

Child Development Specialist
Serene Chan

Private Occupational Therapist
Sim So Sin

Education Therapist
Mira Yoon

Counselling Psychologist
Joan Teo

Kelly Thong


Kuala Lumpur

Chew Yoke Kuan, Educator
Joyce Teoh, Special Needs Teacher
Hilary Craig


Masteri Learning Centre
Aria Low Cin Cin, Educational Psychologist


Kinuyo Tanaka, Occupational Therapist


The Tree House
Sue Walker, Speech-Language Pathologist

The Therapy Playroom
Jennifer Wilkes


The Therapy Tree
Prudence Lingham, Speech-Language Pathologist

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