The Science & Music of TLP

PsychoacousticsThe psychological study of the human perception of sound. This scientific field informs much of our understanding of the effects music on our mind, body, brain, and emotions including the four primary building blocks of auditory perception; frequency, amplitude, time, and spatial location.

The Listening Program is designed to train the brain’s ability to perceive and process these foundations of auditory perception.

Music that Works

The foundation of The Listening Program is the beautiful music performed by Advanced Brain Technologies’ own award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.

This world-class music is arranged and recorded in High Definition (HD) sound, produced by our international team of experts.

The Listening Program is the only program to offer original recordings at 24-bit 192 kHz HD. This is the highest music recording quality, most comparable to a live performance. It contains more depth, detail, dimension, and emotion than other recording methods capturing the detail of the harmonics that give music its’ sound color or “timbre”. This improves the ability to distinguish the sound of each instrument, which affords the listener more opportunity to benefit from listening.

This music provides the foundation for the advanced neuroacoustic modifications which provide a rich, fulfilling listening experience. These modifications are applied to the original recordings we created for The Listening Program. These increase and emphasize the perception of the natural attributes inherent within the musical structure providing the sound contrast needed to train and improve sound perception for better brain performance.

Frequency Zones

You are touched by sound vibrations at every moment. And certain sounds, provided in the right context can organize your neural activity, support your health, balance emotions, bring calm, and provide energy to carry you through your day.

Your brain mirrors what it perceives, changing in response to its experiences. The Listening Program® trains your brain through the experience of listening to modules of specially recorded music, which is acoustically-modified and arranged into frequency zones.

These zones are mapped to brain regions which respond to different properties of sound according to the vibratory frequency, just as the keys on a piano are tuned to play different musical notes. This mapping is referred to as tonotopicity.

Four training zones provide music which progresses across the full range of human sound perception. These are labeled; blue, red, orange and green. Each zone focuses on a different band of sound frequencies which have qualities that individually and collectively contribute to your brain health and performance. Within each zone you progress through different types of training, rated by level. Higher levels of training are presented as you gain listening experience.




The ABC Modular Design




The Listening Program’s proprietary ABC Modular Design™ guides the listener through multiple levels of sound training each session, enabling you to effectively exercise your brain with the provided “warm-up,” “workout” and “cool-down” music phases.

The science of physical training (and practical application) shows that certain approaches are most effective, such as a gradual warm-up for muscle groups, followed by weight-resistance training, concluded by cool-down stretching.

Following a similar model, TLP music is divided into 9 or 15 minute modules. Within these modules, the first phase, “A,” relaxes the listener and prepares the brain for the more intensive stimulation of the “B” phase. The listener is then returned to a focused/relaxed state during the final “C” phase.

Why ABC Modular Design is Critical

This breakthrough sound design is important because effective stimulation depends on more than carefully selected classical music and neuroacoustic modifications. It also requires the listener’s brain to be prepared to receive the acoustic information.

When someone experiences stress or anxiety, as so many of us do, the ear cannot easily discriminate higher frequency sounds. This leads to a decline in attention and auditory processing. Further, research asserts that a listener needs to be relaxed in order for neural feedback from the ear to the brain and back, in order to control and improve the function of the middle ear which we need for protection from noise and in order to listen.

The ABC Modular Design enhances the effect of our specially engineered music preparing the listener, then providing just the right amount of stimulation, then restoring the listener to a state of focused relaxation. With TLP music, improving brain fitness is more than a therapeutic endeavour; it is a pleasurable, enlightening listening experience that has been proven clinically effective.

Spatial Surround is a music recording and production process created by Advanced Brain Technologies for The Listening Program. Multi-channel sound is presented to provide music in five individual channels or locations in 360 degree space.

We live in a three dimensional world and rely on our auditory system to tell us where our body is in space, and to inform us if our environment is safe.



Spatial Surround was developed to imitate the natural environment to provide more complete listening training. Exclusive to The Listening Program it improves our discrimination of frequency, volume, time and spatial location.

The Listening Program trains the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language and the environment in which we live.