Success Stories

Our daughter, Megan, started using The Listening Program® when she was 5 years old.
She had done the Tomatis program before and we had seen some response in her development, so we decided to give The Listening Program® a go.Megan is very sensitive to different frequencies of sound, and they have a tendency to overwhelm and disorient her making her very upset.

After using The Listening Program® for about 18 months now, she is much less prone to getting overwhelmed by loud noise. It does still happen, but a lot less frequently. We have also noticed improvements in her ability to hold her concentration longer as well as much more emotional stability.

At first she wasn’t that eager to put the headphones on and do her Listening, but now she happily does it and it would appear looks forward to 15 minutes of time when she gets to be by herself and draw, colour or make up stories with some of her toys.

We were so happy with The Listening Program® and the positive effect it appeared to have on her that we recently purchased the Sleep Genius to see if that will help her fitful sleeping patterns.

Debbie Roebuck
(Mother of Megan, age 7yrs)


As I looked through the TLP Observation Checklist, I felt like I already knew where the list was taking me before I even reached the end – Improvement in All Areas!

Our journey with TLP started when Caitlyn was 8yrs where she was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Auditory Processing Disorder. Her issues were primarily focus and attention abilities which needed much intervention when we started on TLP.

After 4 cycles of listening, I observed that Caitlyn’s responses in doing things are now quicker. She no longer has pronounced anxiety, and her adverse food reactions, as well as sensory sensitivities to touch have gone away. She now enjoys being held and touch – something that we were unable to do so previously.

Caitlyn’s cognitive processing is more structured and is better at relating to issues. Her overall school work has also improved and her work is no longer tardy. She no longer makes immature decision and thinks through her work and decisions.

We see that there is still room to improve to be on par with her peers, and we are grateful that The Listening Program® has provided her with the needed holistic support. Caitlyn now has a very positive outlook and is working hard to achieve academic independence.

With regards to sports, Caitlyn is in her school’s competitive swimming team and also participates in synchronize swimming with a local club. She will be representing her school this July at the 6th SSA National Schools Synchronized Swimming Championship and with her Club for competitions this August in Hong Kong.

Photo - Caitlyn 9yrs

To think that she has never had a rhythm or can keep to a rhythm and now being able to take up these challenge within 6 months since she started learning, that’s The Listening Program®!

As a parent, it brings comfort to see my daughter being emotionally calm, less anxious, and having the ability to have a good sleep and to wake fresh waiting for the next day is definitely well worth taking up The Listening Program®.

Carol (Mother of Caitlyn, age 9yrs)