Sleep Genius


The world’s most scientifically advanced sleep program.

Sleep Genius is a sound-based sleep aid used nightly to gently train your brain into natural healthy sleep rhythms. Your ears hear soothing music, but your brain hears scientifically developed neurosensory sounds helping you get to sleep faster, sleep deeper and stay asleep longer, so you awake feeling refreshed.

With over 1 million customers, Sleep Genius is the most scientifically advanced sleep program in the world, and was developed following our research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep in space.

The research and technology used in Sleep Genius was recently celebrated in the 2015 edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, Spinoff.


Sleep Genius SleepPhones Set


Sleep Genius High Fidelity Audio Programs loaded onto an iPod shuffle, SleepPhones, AC Charger, User Guide

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