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BrainBuilder® is the brain fitness program designed to improve your memory, attention and brainspeed! Experience these REMARKABLE RESULTS with BrainBuilder: Better memory and attention. Sharper focus and clearer thinking. Improved visual and auditory processing. Increased BrainSpeed. Stronger problem-solving skills.
Sound Health® is a sophisticated combination of therapeutic benefit and artistic achievement, these masterful classical recordings are founded on the principle that music is an effective tool for enhancing health and well-being. Each is intended to complement specific activities, employing extensive scientific research and clinical study to achieve its intended effect.
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InTime A dynamic, rhythm-based world music and fun activities created for anyone looking for changes in focus, rhythm awareness, timing, and adaptive responses to stress.

Music for Babies™ is an award winning series which includes classical music, folk tunes, lullabies and nursery rhymes specifically arranged to enhance a baby’s brain development while providing a nurturing environment.

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Headphone & Accessories Quality headphones and audio equipment are essential in transferring the full benefit of the High Definition Audio Files of The Listening Program®®.

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Healing at the Speed of Sound is based on over a decade of new research. Don Campbell, bestselling author of The Mozart Effect, and Alex Doman, an expert in the practical application of sound and listening, show how we can use music and silence to become more efficient, productive, relaxed, and healthy.

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