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1. Unlocking Potential – Using The Listening Program® to Help Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Improve Auditory Processing by Alex Doman, Autism – Asperger’s Digest, Nov-Dec 2005
2. Using The Listening Program® in the Treatment of Autism by Alex Doman and Dorothy Lockhart Lawrence, Autism – Asperger’s Digest, May-June 2003
3. The Listening Program® – Auditory Stimulation for Improved Social Engagement by Alex Doman, S.I. Focus Magazine, Spring 2008
4. Sound Therapy Through The Listening Program® by Ann M Davies
5. Good Vibrations – Using Music to Enhance Sensory Processing by Alan R Heath, SenIssue 37
6. A Spoonful of Music by Robert Wyatt
7. Auditory Development in Young Children by Alex Doman, The Eddie Report – Education & Development Disabilities Information Exchange, Vol 2 No. 4 Winder 2010
8. Brain Science in the 21st Century: What Lies Ahead? By Dorothy Lockhart Lawrence
9. Considering Classical by Sandy Marshall
10. Ethan’s Closed Life Unlocked by Music by Sandra Dick
11. From Skeptic to Convert, the Objective Way by Dilys Treharne
12. Music for Your Ears? No… Music for Your Brain! By Judith E Bessette, SPINS Newzine, Fall 2006, Vol 2 Issue 3
13. Music to his Ears – and Theirs by Emma Seith
14. The Listening Program® by Alex Doman, The Autism Perspective, Fall 2006 Vol 2 Issue 4
15. The Sweet Sound of Success by Gillian Canning, Family Curcke
16. TLP Helps Toilet Train Liverpool Children by Liza Williams, Health Reporter
17. The Listening Program® Used For Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries by Sandra Lee
18. The Brain Ear Connection by Amy Price
19. Considering Classical by Sandy Marshall

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