Success is within our reach. It’s in our nature to develop ourselves and accomplish what we set our minds to do.


Those who attain their goals, and fully realize their potential: develop their ability to focus, listen, learn, communicate, plan, organize, and manage time, all while increasing their skills, imagination, creativity, motivation and persistence.

There is a practical and effective tool for success…The Listening Program® ACHIEVE is an intermediate to experienced level program developed for older children, teens, and adults seeking changes in learning, communication, and peak performance. ACHIEVE increases mental performance by training the brain with motivating evidence-based music which provides a “work enhancing” effect to help people achieve in areas of their life where performance matters most— family, school, career, and personal endeavors.

Featuring an extensive library of High Definition music recordings performed by the award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, ACHIEVE is offered in Spatial Surround® sound providing a wide variety of listening with a rich tapestry of sound featuring compositions by Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, and Danzi.

ACHIEVE is arranged in four progressive frequency zones, stimulating different brain areas and their related functions during the course of your personalized listening schedule. The training emphasis is in the middle to higher frequency music of the orange and red zones supporting auditory processing, communication, executive function, creative expression, personal development, increased energy, motivation, musicality, consciousness, and more.

Order your ACHIEVE listening system on a pre-loaded iPod Nano with your choice of high-quality headphones, or the Waves™ multi-sensory audio system.

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